Dental Upgrades: Teenage Dentistry

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Several oral health risks and peer pressure choices can often arise during the teen years. As a teenager, we often place a heavy emphasis on popularity and tend to look at ourselves as indestructible. However, it is at this very crucial period of time that the last of your permanent teeth grow in, and you will not be getting any more to replace them. Because of this, you will need to make sure that you employ effective oral health care routines and avoid unhealthy lifestyle risks. Common questions associated with teenage dentistry include the following:

What is the significance of teenage dentistry?
Teenage dentistry is the period in a young adult’s life when the last of their adult teeth grow in, which is significant because once they are damaged, they will never be replaced. If you should ever lose a permanent tooth, only prosthetics and other forms of artificial tooth replacements can be used.

How can your smile as a teen be at a greater risk than at other times of your life?
A teen’s smile is often at risk for several forms of oral accidents or injuries and peer pressure risks such as mouth jewelry, smoking, using drugs or drinking alcohol. All of these bad habits can lead to dental damage.

How does peer pressure impact your smile as a teen?
Peer pressure risks impact your smile because they can have devastating effects on your teeth and gums, which is especially true if you find yourself smoking or using drugs. Not only will they immediately cause bad breath and stained teeth, but they can eventually cause tooth loss and cancer.

What are my options for caring for my smile as a teen?
Keeping your teeth well-guarded as a teen includes making sure that all parts are functioning as corrected and you are visiting your dentist for routine oral exams. Furthermore, avoid any oral health risks in your personal life and your diet.

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