Morton Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry is committed to offering our patients the most conservative and life-changing treatments to improve their oral health. For patients who have advanced gum disease, Dr. Clifford Morton may recommend LANAP® to restore the health of the gums.

LANAP (or laser-assisted regeneration) is a powerful soft tissue laser that is replacing traditional flap surgery. Typically, when a patient has advanced gum disease, the doctor will need to fold back the gums to access the roots of the teeth and underlying bone. This can result in weeks of recovery for the patient. LANAP, on the other hand, targets only the source of inflammation in the gums, preserving any healthy surrounding gum tissue and significantly decreasing the discomfort of the procedure and the necessary recovery time.

In addition to treating and regenerating gum tissue, LANAP benefits the jawbone as well. While traditional periodontal treatments often require a bone graft to restore lost bone, LANAP promotes bone regeneration, allowing our patients to regrow their own bone, preventing the need for an invasive grafting procedure.

Other benefits of LANAP include:

• No scalpels or stitches
• Minimal bleeding
• Faster healing time
• Decreasing gum pocket depth
• Slowing or even stopping tissue detachment

Our dentist and team invite you to learn more about the benefits of LANAP in Marietta, Georgia, by contacting our office at 770-973-0141 today.