A Set of Dentures Can Effectively Replace the Basic Function of Missing or Distressed Teeth

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As the years go by, chronic tooth decay and periodontal health problems can cause the loss or multiple teeth. In many of these cases even the remaining teeth have been compromised in some way causing discomfort or impaired oral function. In a situation like this, the dentists at Morton Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry might recommend extracting your remaining teeth to prepare your mouth for a complete set of dentures. This often includes extracting the remaining teeth and allowing your gums to heal.

When you are ready, Dr. Clifford Morton will make an impression of your underlying gum structure. This will be sent to a professional dental lab where your custom dentures will be created. At first you might want to try sticking to a diet of softer foods. This can help your gums and other oral structures to adapt to the feeling of your dentures while your gums fully heal.

Your dentures will be designed to match the unique shape of your mouth. However, you might also want to try using denture adhesive for an extra firm hold. It also has the added benefit of helping to block out stray food particles that can irritate the gums. If you live in the Marietta, Georgia, area and you’ve lost multiple teeth to untreated gum disease, you should call 770-973-0141 to schedule a dentures consultation at Morton Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry.