A Knocked Out Tooth Will Need First-Aid While Seeking Professional Dental Treatment

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If an accidental blow knocks one of your teeth out, timely first-aid is essential while seeking treatment from a professional dentist like Dr. Clifford Morton. Assessing the severity of the damage to the tooth and the dental socket might influence the necessary care measures.

If your mouth is bleeding you can clear away any excess blood with a gentle lukewarm saltwater. This might help you determine the trauma to your gums and other soft tissues as well as the remnants of the tooth’s root.

Dr. Clifford Morton might be able to successfully to implant the tooth back into the socket if the knocked out tooth is still intact and kept alive.

You shouldn’t use milk and warm water to maintain the tooth. The easiest way to keep the tooth alive is to hold it between your cheek and gums. There are also tooth-preservation products available in stores that are ideal. They contain a Hanks Balanced Salt Solution that can keep the tooth alive long enough for Dr. Clifford Morton to assess the severity of the problem.

If the tooth fractured at the gumline Dr. Clifford Morton might be able to perform a root canal to restore enough structural integrity to anchor a dental crown.

In a severe case he might need to extract the root and any remaining dental material. Once your gums have healed, Dr. Clifford Morton can help you understand your dental restoration options.

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